100 USD   


80 USD

60 USD    per month

Service of Kivu Entrepreneurs which accelerates the development of the startups and aims to make them sustainable and profitable businesses.





Specialized coaches offer their help to the members of our incubator. The modern workspace of Kivu Entrepreneurs gives the entrepreneurs and their coaches the opportunity to progress together in an environment of quality.


  • Renting of an office in our Open space

    • ​Individuel desk

    • Good WiFi connection

    • Meeting Room

    • Printer

    • Kitchen

    • Coffee service

  • Kivu Entrepreneurs offers 3 different coaching categories :


Local coaching :

  • 10 sessions (10h/month)

International coaching :

  • 2 sessions + follow-up


Local coaching :

  • 5 sessions (5h/month)


Local coaching :

  • 2 sessions (2h/month)


The incubator offers 2 different types of coaching.

The local coaches accompany the startups in the first steps of their entrepreneurial adventure and help them take the good decisions. Most of the coaches are successful entrepreneurs and/or experts in fields that are useful in the development of a business (finance, law, marketing, etc.).

The GOLD members also have the opportunity to ask for an international coaching, framed by our partners. The Belgian coaches will be able to help the startups in the development of their projects from abroad thanks to the good wifi connection and the modern infrastructure we offer.

Our coaches’ diversity and complementarity are some of our main assets. They allow us to help our members, whatever their needs. 


The incubator is open from Mondays to Saturdays, between 8:00AM and 6:30PM.

It welcomes startups for limited periods of time, from one month to several months.

Different offers are available for the startups: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE. These can be chosen in full-time or half-time.

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In Kivu Entrepreneurs’ offices, located in the heart Goma.

Address : 

20,Boulevard Kanyamuhanga,Goma, RDC. Reference : Opposite TMB, same building with SMICO. 


 International coaching

Modern space

Personnel coaching

Coaches with expertise

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